ZoomIt – Online Teaching Tools

When we are doing a briefing or recording a teaching video, we can draw lines or circle the screen so that listeners can see the important part. ZoomIt published by Sysinternals is a magnifying glass effect, and it also allows We draw circles, squares, straight lines, arrow lines, typing (but only in English) and save the screen content as pictures o;n the screen.


  • Begin Zoom In Mode: Ctrl+1
  • Zoom In: Up Key
  • Zoom Out: Down Key
  • Begin Drawing (While zoomed): Left-Click
  • Begin Drawing (While not zoomed): Ctrl+2
  • Red Pen Color: R
  • Blue Pen Color: B
  • Yellow Pen Color: Y
  • Green Pen Color: G
  • Show Meeting Timer: Ctrl + 3
  • Live Zoom Mode: Ctrl + 4
  • Zoom In (Live mode): Ctrl + Up
  • Zoom Out (Live mode): Ctrl + Down

By the way, we can use the built-in magnifier software in Windows (you can turn on it with Win+=), and you can try it.


  • Win + =: Turn on magnifier
  • Win + +: Turn on magnifier
  • Win + +: Zoom in
  • Win + -: Zoom out