Repeat your task by recording entered commands and text to a Macro in Office 365 Word

We encounter repeating entered commands and text in Office 365 Word. It could be recorded entered commands and text to a Macro. When you run the Macro, you see the commands and text you define. Bind the Macro to Shortcut or Button to assign the Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar yo want.

The script is:

  1. Visit ‘Developer tab’ on ‘File tab / Option / Customize Ribbon’, Choose ‘Developer’
  2. Record a Macro named ‘Social Security number’.
  3. Enter a styled Social Security number(SCN), such as ‘087-12-3456’
  4. Assign the Macro to a Button in Quick Access Toolbar
  5. Stop Recording
  6. Click the button to test the Macro ‘SCN’
  7. Edit / Delete Macro
  8. Assign the Shortcut keys ‘Alt + W’ to the Macro ‘SCNnnn’.
  9. Change button icon

More about ‘Customize Shortcut keys’.

Ctrl + 4: Zoom It
Show Key Stroke: pointerFocus