How to move Around document by keys in Office Word 365.

I will show you some keys to move around document freely and quickly in Office Word 365.

Up: to up a line
Up: to down a line
Left: to left a character
Right: to right a character

Ctrl+Up: to up many lines
Ctrl+Up: to down many lines
Ctrl+Left: to left a word
Ctrl+Right: to right a word

PgUp Up: to the length of one screen
PgDn Down(Next): to he length of one screen

Ctrl+PgUp: to the previous page in the document
Ctrl+PgDn: to the next page in the document

Home: to the start of the line
End: to the end of the line

Ctrl+Home: to the top of the document
Ctrl+End(Next): to the bottom of the document